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Welcome to the land of Urany, where a great curse has coated the earth with teeth of ice. But, though the lands are cold and frigid, love and passion sizzle, triangles of deception imprint their three steaming legs.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Marriage of the Sword

December 23rd I signed a contract for the first novel in the Treasures of Danu series. It is entitled The Marriage of the Sword. The story is a romantic fantasy that is blended with Celtic mythology and an imagination of my own. Two countries with two entirely different religious beliefs set the pace for an intriguing marriage between a mage princess betrayed by her own family and a prejudice Barbarian prince.
This book will take a little longer to see the stands, but I am very excited about the beginning of a most interesting trilogy (possibly four in the series.)

I will keep everyone updated.


Ami Kathleen


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