Romantic Fantasy Author, Ami Kathleen

Welcome to the land of Urany, where a great curse has coated the earth with teeth of ice. But, though the lands are cold and frigid, love and passion sizzle, triangles of deception imprint their three steaming legs.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Pre-Production of "The Crescent Prophecy"

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to see my first published novel "The Crescent Prophecy" in print sometime in 2006.
The book is the first in the "Seven Goddesses" series. It begins in a country known as Urany where the people struggle against an everlasting season of bitter cold. Not to mention that Urany is ruled by seven immortal Ice Warlocks that supress the people who do not live among their Stronghold court. When whispers of a rebellion reach the Ice Warlocks ears, they set out to find the small band of traitors and destroy them. What the immortal ones do not know is that the rebellion has been set in covert motion well before on a notion that stemmed from the ancient scrolls of The Crescent Prophecy. Spies for the rebellion where placed in the court of the Warlocks and one of the rebel spies has formed a very close bond with the only daughter born to the immortal beings.
Love blossoms, but will it be destroyed when the walls of secrecy come tumbling down?

I hope you enjoy this cold bitter world and the sizzling passion of forbidden love.

Thank you for your interests and I will keep you all updated on the release date!


Ami Kathleen